ANK-UP Straightening Set 900mlx2 J15APS*

ANK-UP Straightening Set 900mlx2 J15APS*

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*This product is for professional use only. Do not buy if you are not a professionally trained hairdresser.*


*Purchasing the product implies that you are a professional hairdresser and will take full responsibility.*


1. Cleanse hair with purified shampoo (without any conditioning). Towel and blow-dry hair.

2. Apply No.1(2cm away from the scalp), wrap the hair and apply 5-10 minutes of heat if in cold weather.

3. Generally it will take 20-25 minutes for the softening procedure. (The hairdresser shall check on a regular basis onward after 10 minutes. And be ready to wash off anytime when the hairdresser think the softening procedure is done)

4. Rinse, towel dry, and blow-dry the hair. Section and iron the hair.

5. Apply No.2 and wait for 10-15 minutes.

6. Rinse and apply conditioner and wait for 3 minutes.