Doll Bean Wax Yellow Honey 1000g J41DBH

Doll Bean Wax Yellow Honey 1000g J41DBH

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The wax beans it is also called film wax or Pelables wax. Parables are the latest innovation in liposoluble depilatory wax and transform depilation into a simple, rapid, and clean operation. In fact, unlike classic depilatory waxes, they are applied in ultra-thin layers, do not require the use of fabric strips for hair removal and, most importantly, they are used once and then thrown away: the result is rapid, long-lasting and 100% hygienic depilation.


All Pelables waxes have been studied and formulated for no-fuss full-body depilation, with surprising results. In fact, the products are warm on the skin, particularly elastic and easy to spread: these properties guarantee an enjoyable sensation on the skin and perfect dilation of the hair pore, thus allowing delicate extraction of the hair at the root and a significantly longer time between one depilation and the next.


Then wax clings to the hair rather than to the skin. It is lukewarm on the skin and maintains a grip on the fine hairs.


The wax in beans can be applied in 2 ways:


- thin layers for small body areas: face/ bikini


- thicker layers if you want to depilate big areas in one time (complete leg, complete arm)


Honey: Formulated to minimize irritation, thanks to the emollient and restorative action of honey; this depilatory wax is specifically formulated for dry, chapped skin.


Pink: A depilatory wax formulated to leave skin silky; riched with Titanium, making it the perfect product for sensitive, fragile skin, it provides ultra-delicate stripping action.


Aloe: Specially formulated with Aloe Vera extract, known for skin protecting and emollient properties; it is perfect for more mature, dryer skins.

Argan: Enriched with ultra-pure Moroccan Argan Oil, this depilatory wax leaves skin smooth and silky from the first application. Also perfect for sensitive skin.