IDA PPT Essence 15ml J12IDT

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Nurture your hair during coloring

Enriched with precious ginseng extract & copolymers. Ginseng PPT Essence protects and revitalizes your hair during coloring. Tinting or bleaching is no longer a nuisance!

Ginseng has been used for hair beauty for centuries. Not only promote healthy and shiny hair, this precious herb also repairs breakage and split ends.

Patented, advanced copolymers contribute soft, silky feel to your hair, and provides a smooth, snag-free wet and dry comb.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein and Propyl Silanetriol cross-links on drying, and forms conditioning and protective net work to your hair.



  • Protection against damages from chemical treatment
  • Strengthens, energizes, and revitalizes hair
  • Repairs cuticle damage
  • Enhances hair softness, silkiness, and gloss.
  • Moisture retentive
  • Improves both wet and dry comb
  • Low dosage with great benefit



Add the essence into tinting/ bleaching mixture with the recommended proportion

Tinting/bleaching Mixture Ginseng PPT Essence 
20 Parts 1 Part