JC Allplex Hair Rebonder Set 100mlx3 J12AS1

JC Allplex Hair Rebonder Set 100mlx3 J12AS1

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Just go blond let allplex 

take care the damage

What’s Allplex:

Allplex is a relatively new hair treatment that is being heralded as a miracle serum by hair professionals worldwide! It was scientifically formulated to reconnect broken and damaged disulfide bonds in your hair to help strengthen the strands from the inside. 


How to Use 

Allplex No.1

  1. Mix bleach(or color) and developer completely.

  2. Add 10ml of No.1 to every 100ml mixture of bleach(or color) and developer.


  1. Shake well before use. 

  2. No.1 will dilute bleach(or color), so choose one step higher developer. For example, if you intended to use 10v, use 20v instead. You may add some more bleach(or color).

  3. If you need to bleach(or color) to root of hair touching scalp, then do not use the higher volume of developer.


How to Use 

Allplex No.2


  1. Wash off bleach(or color) without using shampoo, then tower dry hair. (If Gloss or Toner, use them now before applying No.2).

  2. Apply No.2 evenly on hair from root to end, stay 15-30mins.

  3. Rinse, then wash with shampoo and conditioner.

Extra Information:

  • If you’re not using the Allplex in combination with a bleaching(or color) treatment, it can still be put in hair as a stand-alone treatment

  • Your hair should feel silky, shiny, and healthier after Allplex done.