Keraplex Keratin No.2 Smooth Treatment 800ml J16KX2*

Keraplex Keratin No.2 Smooth Treatment 800ml J16KX2*

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*This product is for professional use only. Do not buy if you are not a professionally trained hairdresser.*


*Purchasing the product implies that you are a professional hairdresser and will take full responsibility.*



Natural keratin Organic Protein, Argan Oil, organic natural extracts and an array of essential amino- and fatty- acids, and vitamins carefully formulated to repair and beautify the most resistant hair.

- Give your hair a gorgeously straight

- Highly Effective Blend of Vitamins and Proteins.

- Purifying, Moisturizing, and Anti-Aging Hair Product that will keep your hair healthier for even longer. Keeps it straighter and silkier than ever before. The result is naturally straight hair.


No.2 BK-keraplex ingredients: Polyethylene glycol- (100) stearate and glyceryl stearate, hydrolyzed keratin, protein, S18 stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, Cyclomethicone, glycolic acid, DMMH lactam, flavor, etc.


1. Apply BK-keraplex No.1 clarifying shampoo. Wash to open up the hair cuticles and deep clean hair. Repeat as needed.

2. Dry hair to 60-70% and apply the premium BK-KERAPLEX TREATMENT starting from the nape. Emulsify hair and comb through to remove excess solution.

3. leave the solution on the hair for 20 minutes or less. Do not leave the solution longer as this will dry the hair.

4. Blow dry hair 100% with medium heat setting. Flat iron the hair section by section to active the product and close the hair cuticles. For better result, set the iron to 220C for healthy and frizzy hair and lower the heat depending on hair condition. Pass over each section 6 or more times for curly or kinky hair

5. Hair can be washed by water in 5 mins after treatment. After 2 0r 3 times washes. The hair result will be better and better.

6. For better result, wash hair with keratin daily sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.


1. Stylists should wear protective gloves at all times. It is also suggested that both Stylists and Clients should wear protective eyewear and mask for optimal protection.

2. Do not use this product on children, pregnant women, elderly, chemically sensitive skin, and clients with respiratory problems.