CMC CONC Vita-Ciment 头发兴奋剂 30ml J122VR

CMC CONC Vita-Ciment 头发兴奋剂 30ml J122VR

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Product Introduction:

  • An intensive shine-enhancing concentrate for color-treated & sensitized hair.
  • Boasts a powerful formula isolated in its purest & most concentrated state.
  • Contains active ingredients freshly fused to create a customized in-salon treatment.
  • Helps intensely boost the radiance of colored hair.
  • Provides anti-fading protection while sealing in color.
  • Delivers visible instant & lasting transformation in just five minutes.
  • Works together with other boosters to create various personalized combinations.
  • Hair appears softer & shinier with vibrant color.

Main Feature:

  • Detox and remove bad-smelling
  • Color lock and perm lock
  • Deep repairing
  • Improve shine
  • UV sunlight block
  • Anti-aging 


How to use after color or perm:

1. After color or perm, towel dry hair.

2. Spray the product onto the hair, and apply steam heat for 15 minutes.

3. Wait for hair to cool down naturally and wash and dry.


How to use the product with hair mask

1. Cleanse the hair. 

2. Mix the product with a hair mask(mixing ratio about 1:10).

3. Apply onto the hair evenly and apply steam heat for 15 minutes.


How to use the product during hair color and perm:

1. Mix the product with the chemical mixture(mixing ratio about 1:10).

2. Apply the chemical treatment as normal.

3. This will protect the hair from damage during the chemical treatment.